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The Plastic Tide - 23/3/17

The Plastic Tide is growing by 8 million metric tonnes a year. A project has been established to harness cutting edge drone and algorithm technology to create an open source map of the plastic pollution problem, in the UK and beyond.

Posted 23/03/2017 13:12

Riverine Litter Monitoring Network - 27/1/17

The Riverine Litter Monitoring Network, part of the RIMMEL project, is inviting people to join the Network. You can find more information on the RIMMEL project website (

Posted 27/01/2017 10:21

How to assess the impact of your activity in estuarine (transitional) and coastal waters for the Water Framework Directive (WFD)

In December, government published 'How to assess the impact of your activity in estuarine (transitional) and coastal waters for the Water Framework Directive (WFD)'. View at

Posted 20/01/2017 13:41

Stakeholder Engagements in MPAs

The Environmental Audit Committee is exploring how effectively stakeholders have been engaged in the designation and implementation of the first two tranches of Marine Protected Areas. See

Posted 20/01/2017 13:42

'Fitness Check' evaluation of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives

In December, the European Commission published the 'Fitness Check' evaluation of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives and concluded that, within the framework of broader EU biodiversity policy, they remain highly relevant and are fit for purpose. See

Posted 20/01/2017 13:43

Marine Protected Areas Revisited inquiry launched - 5/8/16

The Environmental Audit Committee is calling for evidence on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the UK and the Overseas Territories. This follows on from the previous Committee's reports into 'Marine Protected Areas' and 'Sustainability in the UK Overseas Territories'.

Posted 05/08/2016 10:12

MPA Regulatory Notice Byelaw

Beginning on the 27th of June 2016 Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) will be undertaking a consultation on the introduction of spatial and seasonal restrictions to mitigate the impacts of bottom towed fishing gears within the Solent European Marine Site in line with its statutory responsibilities as relevant and competent authority. Site level assessments have identified that, within areas of the Solent EMSs, either alone or in combination with other fishing activities, methods of dredge fishing are likely to cause significant disturbance and deterioration of designated habitats and species; therefore additional management is required in this area. As a result Southern IFCA have proposed the inclusion of further permanent closed areas coupled with a rotated seasonal dredge fishery for clams and oysters in Southampton Water, Langstone and Portsmouth Harbour. The consultation opens on the 27th of June 2016 and runs for 28 days. Details of the consultation can be found at Stakeholders invited to take part in this consultation include registered and licensed fishermen, recreational fishermen, local and national environmental Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), water-sports enthusiasts, Solent ports and harbour authorities and Solent councils. Other interested parties are welcome to submit comments.

Posted 21/06/2016 11:19

Site assessments for Marine Protected Areas

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) are carrying out site assessments for marine protected areas (MPA) in English inshore waters. These assessments will help ensure current and potential fishing activities do not have a negative impact on habitats and species in these MPAs. View the process and approach document at

Posted 13/04/2016 14:21

Management Group Survey - 31/3/16

The SEMS Management Group (MG) are being asked for their views on the current SEMS Online Monitoring System and Management Scheme (MS). Their feedback is being sought as to what extent the current online monitoring system, reports and delivery plan help provide a good management scheme for SEMS. Relevant Authorities are invited to complete a short survey to this end by 30th April 2016. See

Posted 31/03/2016 16:27

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