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Action Archive

This page provides a record of past actions delivered under the SEMS Management Scheme. There are also numerous ongoing actions such as monitoring and reporting that can be viewed in the individual Management Reports. Actions attributed as 'NEG' are undertaken by the Forum's Natural Environment Group.

Actions from 2018/2019

Boat Repair and Maintenance

1. Action (2018): Disseminate and promote the work in The Green Blue guides. 
Action progress: The Green Blue officer presented a detailed overview of their initiatives and work on encouraging best practice in the boating industry at the Nov 2018 NEG meeting.

2. Action (2019): Promote and share material on invasive non-native species (INNS) relevant to SEMS features.
Action progress: The RAPID Life Project is now complete and some excellent material is available at:

Fishing (shore-based activities)

1. Action (2018): Check whether there are byelaws regarding hand gathering of shellfish.
Lead/Partners: NEG/ SoIFCA
Action progress: There is a Poole Harbour Shellfish Hand Gathering Byelaw prohibiting hand gathering between 1st November to 31st March, but no such byelaw in the rest of the SoIFCA district. Action complete.

2. Action (2018): IFCAs to produce guidance for Harbour authorities and other RAs on how best to build the evidence base and what actions all can take to help achieve improved management. 
Lead/Partners: IFCAs
Action progress: Guidance for monitoring shore-based fishing was produced by the Sussex IFCA for SEMS: Action complete.

Littering and removal of litter

1. Action (2018/19): In 2018, NEG evaluated the need for new material on this activity as part of its Clean Solent Seas and Shores (CSSS) initiative. The CSSS scoping document concluded that there is no need for new material as there are already sufficient existing resources. In 2019, a CSSS working group was established to develop a resource hub which will collate and share information on marine litter. This group includes representatives from the BMF, RYA and Wightlink. This action was led by the NEG officer with the working group will report to NEG. 

Mooring and anchoring

1. Action (2018): Solent Forum staff to attend RYA Eco-Moorings Workshop in November 2018 and report findings and discussion to NEG.
Lead/partners: NEG and Solent Forum staff
Action progress: An update from the Eco-Moorings workshop was provided at the November 2018 NEG meeting, its presentations were disseminated in January 2019. Action complete.

Recreation - light aircraft

1. Action (2018/19): Undertake desk research and prepare a paper on the effect of drones on designated sites and features. This was undertaken by Natural England.
Lead/partners: NEG and Natural England
Action Progress: At the November 2018 NEG meeting, key points from the paper, which was released in Aug 2018, were circulated and discussed. Portsmouth University were asked to prepare a trimmed down publication addressing the legalities of drone use. This was completed and disseminated in 2019. Action complete.

2. Action (2018):  NEG officer to ask WeBS recorders if they could include drone surveillance in surveys.
Lead/partners: NEG
Action progress: This was discussed at the NEG November 2018 meeting and concluded that WeBS surveys are not the correct vehicle to undertake this task. Action complete.

3. Action (2018):  SEMS Chair and Officer to ask BirdAware Solent if Bird Aware Rangers could monitor drone activity.
Partners/lead: SEMS Officer and Bird Aware Solent
Action progress (2019): From Oct 2019, BirdAware will use their SNAP survey tool to include whether drones are present at the various sites that are monitored by the Bird Aware Rangers. Action complete.