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Marine Recreation

This category has been subdivided into two sections - non motorised watersports and powerboating or sailing with an engine.

Recreation – Non-motorised water sports

This section includes:

Recreation - Powerboating or sailing with an engine

Please refer to the page on watersports for more detailed information on paddlesport activities.

What are the potential pressures from recreational boating?

Natural England has identified the following pressures from recreational boating that may impact on the Solent's European Marine Sites.

Managing marine recreational activities

A study was published in 2017 by Natural England and the Marine Management Organisation, to collate and update the evidence base on the significance of impacts from recreational activities on designated features in Marine Protected Areas, carry out a review and collate case study examples of the range of management options such as codes of conduct, and engage with national governing bodies for different activities to look at existing national good practice, opportunities for further work and recommendations.  Managing marine recreational activities: a review of evidence (NECR242).