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Management Scheme Activities

For the purpose of European Marine Sites (EMS), activities are those actions that happen around our coasts and in our marine areas that are not plans or projects. Plans and projects are covered by other regulatory mechanisms such as marine licensing, and are not covered by the Solent European Marine Sites (SEMS) scheme of management.  Activities may be controlled or managed by competent or Relevant Authorities (RA) on a continuing basis or may fall outside of any jurisdiction. Relevant Authorities often have some form of management or control over activities due to non-statutory functions such as land ownership. The Marine Protected Areas (MPA) national steering group have produced a document that looks at the duties on public authorities with regards to MPA managementNatural England's Conservation Advice packages provide information on the sensitivity of features in designated sites from different activities. 

Risk Categories

Natural England works in partnership with management authorities to undertake risk assessments as required, using its feature sensitivity information and up-to-date activity data from appropriate authorities. It is also starting to undertake condition assessments around the Solent to see whether sites are in favourable or unfavourable condition.  Once published these condition assessments will be uploaded to the Designated Sites System.

For more information please see Natural England's European Marine Site Risk Review.

Activities that take Place within SEMS

The activities that take place in the Solent are have recently been classified to coordinate with Natural England’s conservation advice packages. These packages show what the impacts of activities can be on the SEMS sites. The new activity list has not yet been assigned risk categories, as this is a complex procedure. Risk categories will be developed and allocated through 2017, to ensure they align with Natural England’s Conservation Advice.

Each year activities are monitored and reported on by the Solent's RAs and are subsequently discussed at their annual management group meeting. The resulting SEMS delivery plan sets out actions agreed by the SEMS management group to address issues arising from activities.

Activity List